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Completing Legal Marriage documents

Completing Legal Marriage documents Subsection 42(8) of the Marriage Act requires celebrants to establish the identities of the parties to a marriage. Accuracy in recording names helps ensure that everyone is satisfied about the identity of persons intending to marry, and that they can prove that they are who they claim to be. The Australian […]

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Marriage Celebrant’s Code of Practice

Australian Marriage Celebrants’ Code of Conduct Did you know that Australian registered marriages are bound by a code of conduct?   Paragraph 39G(a) of the Marriage Act requires Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants to comply with the Code of Practice in Schedule 1A to the Marriage Regulations. The Code of Practice imposes legal obligations on all Commonwealth-registered marriage […]

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Notice of Intended Marriage Form

Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) Form FAQs on how to enter names correctly on the NOIM What names should parties write on the NOIM? Most people use the name that is recorded on their birth certificate so in most cases when completing the NOIM parties will write their name as it appears on their birth […]

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A Marriage Celebrant’s role

A Marriage Celebrant’s role and obiligations Only people who are legally authorised to do so may solemnise marriages in Australia. Australian Marriage Celebrants have an important role which is critical to the parties to the marriage, not only because of its legal consequences, but also because of its central significance to them individually and as […]

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Who is authorised to be a Marriage Celebrant in Australia?

Who is legally able to perform marriage ceremonies in Australia? The Marriage Act 1961 provides for three categories of authorised celebrants who may perform, or solemnise marriages in Australia: A. ministers of religion of recognised denominations (who are registered under Subdivision A of Division 1 of Part IV of the Act) B. State and Territory […]

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Marriage equality finally in Australia

What a year for marriage equality in Australia! I’m so very happy that marriage is now legal for all in Australia – finally!!!  I mean how ridiculous we had to go to through all that for something that should have just been in place. Love is love and anyone should be able to choose who […]

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Writing your own wedding ceremony

Do I have to write my own Wedding Ceremony? I often find there is a little uncertainty from engaged couples about how to approach their Wedding Ceremony.  As most of them have never had a wedding they are unsure on what the process is for how to put their wedding ceremony together.  They have usually […]

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Brisbane Celebrant Prices

Brisbane Celebrant Price I often get asked, why do Marriage Celebrants charge what they do? Many people assume that a Marriage Celebrant just rocks up on the Wedding Day, performs the ceremony and that’s it, all over in 20 minutes! This simply isn’t the case. A Marriage Celebrant needs to do a lot more than […]

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How to become a Marriage Celebrant

Becoming a Marriage Celebrant in Australia I often get asked how did you become a Marriage Celebrant? I honestly love being a Marriage Celebrant. I first became a celebrant to marry friends of mine and fell in love with being involved with happy couples on one of the best and most important days of their […]

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