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My peonies wedding flowers bouquet

Can we get married with less than one month notice?

Can we get married with less than one month’s notice? There are some circumstances in which an application for shortening of time may be considered by a prescribed authority are set out in Schedule 1B to the Marriage Regulations 1963.  These are: • employment related or other travel commitments • wedding or celebration arrangements, or […]

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Writing your own wedding ceremony

Do I have to write my own Wedding Ceremony? I often find there is a little uncertainty from engaged couples about how to approach their Wedding Ceremony.  As most of them have never had a wedding they are unsure on what the process is for how to put their wedding ceremony together.  They have usually […]

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Brisbane Wedding ceremony

Brisbane Celebrant Prices

Brisbane Celebrant Price I often get asked, why do Marriage Celebrants charge what they do? Many people assume that a Marriage Celebrant just rocks up on the Wedding Day, performs the ceremony and that’s it, all over in 20 minutes! This simply isn’t the case. A Marriage Celebrant needs to do a lot more than […]

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Bridal Guide Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings

Rustic Wedding Bridal Guide Rustic Wedding Is a Rustic Wedding right for you? Choosing a theme for your wedding and a venue can often go hand in hand. One option is a lovely rustic themed wedding. What is a ‘rustic themed wedding’?  It is a style of wedding and can incorporate any of the following: […]

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Garden Wedding_Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

Garden weddings

Garden Weddings As a celebrant I’ve been involved in many garden weddings.  They are always beautiful. On a wonderful, perfect temperature spring day without rain in a lovely lush setting, a garden wedding can be something many young girls (and not so young) dreams of for their wedding day.  Unfortunately sometimes things can go not […]

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Certificate of marriage

Wedding ceremony legalities

The legalities of your wedding ceremony Did you know that there are a few legalities to be aware of for your wedding ceremony if you get married in Australia? Marriage celebrants in Australia need to be trained and registered, unlike in America were you can be ordained online in 10 minutes according to TV shows […]

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Lhuillier best Wedding Dress tips, Martha Stewart Weddings

Your Dream wedding dress

Where do you start on your search to find your dream wedding dress within your budget? The search for the perfect wedding dress can be overwhelming, there’s so many different styles and colours and then you need to find one you like and that suits your body shape.  Then… of course suits your budget! Most […]

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Love is Patient excerpt

Wedding ceremony structure

What you need to know about structuring your wedding ceremony A lot of people are guests at many weddings but don’t pay detailed attention to the structure of the ceremony so when it comes to planning their own wedding ceremony are a little confused about where to start.  This is totally normal and nothing to […]

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Heart shaped escort cards

DIY wedding ideas

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming in a lot of ways but mostly in terms of the budget! There are many things you can do yourself that can help keep the cost of your wedding and wedding reception down, and they don’t have to look ‘cheap and nasty’.  If you plan in advance and are […]

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Wedding planning

Planning your wedding… Phew it can be overwhelming for some and for others a dream come true!  I loved planning my wedding and wish I could do it again! LOL Here’s a list of some of the key (but certainly not all) items you need to think about and hopefully help you get started. I’ve […]

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Choosing the right wedding photographer

Your wedding photos will last a lifetime and be essential in helping you remember your wedding day. Choosing the right photographer for your day can be overwhelming but my friends at have kindly allowed me to share this detailed article to help chose the perfect photographer, this is the short version on things to […]

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wedding cake

Wedding cakes

Planning for your wedding can be overwhelming, there’s a lot to consider and budget for.  Your wedding cake is an obvious one but the cost can be a surprise to planning brides.  My best advice is to allow yourself plenty of time to research and consider the type of style and flavour of wedding cake […]

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wedding favour candle

Wedding bombonieres

Wedding Bombonieres Wedding bombonieres (Italian) are also known as wedding favours and are small gifts given to guests are your wedding as a ‘thank you for attending’.  While it’s certainly not ‘compulsory’ it is generally expected and can add an unexpected cost to your wedding budget. There are many options to keep the costs down […]

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Love is Patient excerpt

Wedding Ceremony Readings

Wedding Ceremony Readings Wedding ceremony readings don’t have to be religious. I personally feel they add to your ceremony and are a way to personalise your ceremony.  They are also a great way to include special friends or family in the wedding ceremony. Any poems or readings you choose should ideally reflect who you are […]

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My peonies wedding flowers bouquet

Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers obviously play a large part in a bride’s planning.  There’s a lot to decide; which wedding flowers, which colours, what size, what’s in season, make your own or pay someone to make your bouquet etc etc I went down the route of purchasing beautiful peonies from a flower market and creating our own […]

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Chocolate Garden Wedding Cake by Sweet Ruby Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Searching for wedding cakes? Trying to decide on your wedding cake with everything else you need to organise can be a painful process if you don’t already have something in mind. Mention the word ‘wedding’ and the price goes up, consider your local baker or Cheese Cake shop also, worth a look. Here’s a few […]

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hello gorgeous mirror bridesmaid gift idea

Bridal Party Gifts

For every bride there is always so much to do leading up to the wedding!  It can be overwhelming and stressful.  But that’s no reason to leave your bridal party gifts to the last minute. It is custom to provide bridal party gifts to say thank you for being part of your wedding day and […]

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Martha Stewart Weddings - father daughter wedding dance

Father Daughter wedding dance

If you are going ‘traditional wedding’ you might be thinking about a Father- Daughter dance (if you are lucky enough to still have your Dad with you), and if so – what song?! I selected a song that was sentimental for my Dad and I that dated back to a special road trip he and […]

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Charitable wedding ideas

These days, many couples already have at least one – and often two – kettles, toasters, linen sets, dinner sets and wine glasses.  They are already set up. In lieu of a more ‘traditional’ wedding registry some couples opt for cash donations or honeymoon registries (eg Flight Centre). However it is becoming more popular for […]

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DIY wedding decorations

100 ways to save money on your wedding

Save money on your Wedding Day So the day you have been dreaming about is fast approaching and its very exciting but mention the word ‘Wedding’ and you will know that costs can easily spiral out of control! Wedding flowers for the bridal party, family, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wowsers! That’s just one small part.  […]

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